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Gypsum plaster had been used for centuries in the construction space and is time tested process for plastering interior walls. Gypsum is a chalk like material and is very light in weight. It is available in crystalline form in nature. In recent years, the construction sector has witnessed a number of new trends, technology advancements and innovations across applications, all aimed at making construction faster and delivering higher performance. Gypsum although a much older material than the cement & sand plaster has rarely been used extensively in construction industry. Now a days, Gypsum has proved to be a miraculous material aiding interior construction due to its properties. We provide best Gypsum Plaster services in town.

Service Features

Ease of Application

Gypsum can be directly applied over brick/block work without separate finishing. It is also very easy to apply and level gypsum plaster. This make gypsum very easy to use.

Light Weight

Gypsum plasters weigh 40% lower in contrast to other materials thus increasing the shelf life and strength of the frames. It being light weight is a distinct feature helping it stand out. 

Sound Proof

Gypsum plastering solutions reduce noise to a great extent due to their sound insulation properties and this could benefit educational institutions, hospitals, commercial buildings, etc.

Fire And Heat Inhibition

Gypsum plasters are not combustible, and strengthen the fire and heat resistance of the building. This make gypsum plaster really safe for ones using it.

No Putty Required

Because gypsum wall plastering has the capacity to produce a smooth, no-crack wall, a putty finish is not required. This saves time and ensures timely work.

Proven Since Ages

Gypsum plastering has been in use across Europe and South-East Asia since the 1960s, due to its unique characteristics. It’s miraculous properties has made it relevant for so long.


Let's see what our clients have to say!

Overall, Anas Enterprises has done a very good job. The entire space was reinstated flawlessly with excellent electrical works, leaving me with no worries. It was a quick job well done with no disputes between everyone. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for TRUE professional contractor services with a time constrain.

Nabankur Bhattacharya

Nabankur Bhattacharya


Time was an issue during one of my projects and Anas Enterprises accepted the challenging request within the limited time frame available. Usually without enough time there will never be enough quality, but I was surprised to see the works of the team proved otherwise. They are fast and I am very happy with the quality that they are able to produce.

Saptarshi Debnath

Saptarshi Debnath


Anas Enterprises is definitely one of the most impressive reinstatement service companies. They are affordable and they never compromise quality in their services that I have engaged. Deadlines are always a key issue and they never cease to amaze me with their consistency in meeting them so far. I will definitely look for these contractors again when I need something to be solved professionally.

Pratik Jadhav

Pratik Jadhav


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What Is Gypsum Plastering ?

Gypsum plaster is a combination of partial or complete dehydration of mineral gypsum and water, which together forms a chemical combination. Gypsum plastering is an environmentally friendly method to rescue cracks, shrinks, or holes due to excessive heat or moisture.

What is purpose of plastering ?
Plastering is a method widely used that adds a protective layer over the concrete surface for the sole purpose of preventing any leakage, cracks, or unwanted shrinks which might appear due to atmospheric effects. Also, plastering provides a complete finish look.
How is Gypsum Plaster manufactured ?
Gypsum plaster is a chemical combination of white cementing material formulated using dehydrated mineral gypsum, commonly with hardeners. Later, water is added to the mixture, which sets and hardens the mixture to manufacture gypsum plaster.
Is gypsum plaster good for walls ?
Gypsum plaster is a chemical combination that acts as an ideal base for paint and wallpapers. The thermal properties of gypsum plaster walls make them less likely to crack or shrink due to excessive heat or moisture.
What is Gypsum?

Gypsum is a non-metallic mineral mined in many parts of the World. In Kenya, gypsum mines are found in North Eastern and Eastern regions. Scientifically, gypsum minerals are composed of calcium sulphate dehydrate with chemical formular CaSO4·2H2O.

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