A POP Ceiling is made from Plaster of Paris powder. Plaster of Paris is called so because it was made from gypsum found near Paris. POP False ceiling is essentially another ceiling that is often called the drop-down ceiling. Most homes and offices with this form of ceiling for extra lighting and aesthetics are moving ahead. Most of the homes and office buildings need good lighting, design and character which can provide false ceilings. False ceilings often support the installation of several LED lights or fancy light fixtures to cover electrical wires. We provide best POP False Ceiling that enhances your room.

Service Features


A ceiling is in reality the fifth wall in our houses, some suggest. A false ceiling emphasises the space ‘s interior décor. It can be custom made into different shapes and sizes with a smooth painting or laminating finish. False ceilings and lighting go go together, complementing each other to create an elegant design and an atmosphere for your home. A false ceiling concept works well to light up the correct way to your house.

Decorative Lighting

Installing decorative lighting, such as down lights and cove lights, is an significant part of installing a false ceiling. Multiple layers of lighting can be developed to suit the occasion or mood, from general illumination to accent lighting. If it is to install a false ceiling highlighting a decorative hanging light fixture, or to add recessed downlights for beautiful and efficient lighting into the false ceiling.


False ceiling conceals from the spectator’s eyes the undesirable components such as electrical cables and air-conducts.  A perfect way to conceal cables, pipes, tubes, ducts is the false ceiling. They are also used to cover the water pipes and vents when installing centralised air conditioning in offices. This makes the interior look tidy and clean, without thinking about undesirable places.

Easy Installation

Our technical team is well attuned to their jobs. They take reponsibility for the planning, design, and implementation process to make it easy for our customers. It can be custom made into different shapes and sizes with a smooth painting or a design finish. POP is mixed with water and is applied to fibreboard or wood base which suspends to form the ceiling.

Hassle-free Repair

If a ceiling is damaged then it needs to be repaired immediately. This may damage the interiors and will require retrofits afterwards. But POP false ceiling are beneficial in such cases. As they are easy to install and there are no hassles involved. Our qualified specialists will repair the damaged part of ceiling with no mishandling and ceiling to be done as new as ever.

Easy Access and Cost Efficient

The experts can easily perform the installation without damaging the entire ceiling when a false ceiling is broken or you need to make any adjustments such as electric socket placements or building pipelines. The POP false ceiling is lightweight and it is the most affordable amongst all the false ceilings.


Let's see what our clients have to say!

Overall, Anas Enterprises has done a very good job. The entire space was reinstated flawlessly with excellent electrical works, leaving me with no worries. It was a quick job well done with no disputes between everyone. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for TRUE professional contractor services with a time constrain.

Nabankur Bhattacharya

Nabankur Bhattacharya


Time was an issue during one of my projects and Anas Enterprises accepted the challenging request within the limited time frame available. Usually without enough time there will never be enough quality, but I was surprised to see the works of the team proved otherwise. They are fast and I am very happy with the quality that they are able to produce.

Saptarshi Debnath

Saptarshi Debnath


Anas Enterprises is definitely one of the most impressive reinstatement service companies. They are affordable and they never compromise quality in their services that I have engaged. Deadlines are always a key issue and they never cease to amaze me with their consistency in meeting them so far. I will definitely look for these contractors again when I need something to be solved professionally.

Pratik Jadhav

Pratik Jadhav


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What is the maintenance of POP False Ceiling?

No special maintenance is required. For any dust accumulation it can be cleaned with broom or a smooth rug, just like other interiors of your house. While cleaning the False Ceiling Home owner needs to take care for no water contact. Gypsum plasterboard and water don’t go hand in hand.

What are the disadvantages of POP ceiling?

Disadvantages of having a False Ceiling

  • Limits space in the room.
  • Needs maintenance.
  • Not as durable as traditional ceilings.
  • Risk of fixtures falling off.
Does POP reduce heat?

Gypsum boards and plaster of Paris (POP) are two of the most preferred materials used to make a false ceiling. Gypsum and POP share some properties, such as being bulky, heat-insulating, and fire-retardant.

How long does POP false ceiling work take?

Once the design are finalized a POP false ceiling work will take upto 7 days. In some cases intricate workmanship or unique material may be needed and these may need some more time.

Is POP ceiling waterproof?

Yes, POP ceilings are waterproof as Gypsum and PVC False ceilings.

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